integris3 BioSolutions

intelligent integrated solutions delivered with integrity

The integris3 team partners with biotech and biopharma companies from late-stage discovery to finalizing the optimal product or technology strategy.

Our key areas of expertise include:

So, you want to enter the US and EU market?
How do you negotiate the regulatory pathway to commercialise in the US and EU ?

So, you have your Intellectual Property (IP)…
How do you convert that into a commercially viable asset?

integris3 works with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for your intellectual property. This includes:

Clinical Strategy
We help you identify the optimal clinical pathway for your assets and support your research to advance the journey to market

Regulatory Strategy
Our team leverages the expert knowledge of the current regulatory landscape and required label imperatives to streamline the approval pathway

Commercial Strategy
We factor in market access, pricing, and critical marketing needs to ensure your intellectual property’s optimal development for future commercial success

So, you want to out-license or partner…
How do you attach a value to your asset to attract the right partner?

The integris3 team specializes in bringing out your company and intellectual property’s key value for in-/out-licensing and partnership

We draw on our in-depth understanding of the life science industries to stay mindful of the value drivers for key stakeholders in the future market and reimbursement landscape

So, you have great people and wonderful data…
How do you showcase them in the best possible light for your audience?

intregris3 partners with you to showcase your personnel and asset strengths in the best possible light for your target audiences

Investor Presentations
We collate, synthesize, and represent your data in a clear narrative that is tailor-made to attract funding

So, you’re ready to in-license or out-license or partner…
How do you make it happen?

The integris3 team starts by determining the best fit for your licensing or partnering needs

We leverage our industry network to match you with potential collaborators. We facilitate the dialogue to portray your business in the optimum manner

Contact us now to develop and implement a strategy that will harness your intellectual property’s full potential